A podcast for baseball addicts, by baseball addicts. Everything is on the table: statistics, scouting, mechanics, fantasy, and the nuances of the game that only a true Baseballholic would appreciate.

Baseballholics Anonymous Ep 90: Eye On Taillon


(Note: Please excuse the static on Doug's feed from ~29:00 to about ~48:00 into the pod. We had some technical difficulties, which will be fixed by Ep 91. We apologize for the inconvenience and annoyance!) 




1st Base (~3:15)

  • News

  • Ohtani!
  • Dodgers
  • David Price
  • Jordan Hicks


2nd Base (~28:00)

  • Extract
  • Sammy: Paul DeJong
  • Doug: Jameson Taillon (~40:00)


3rd Base (~58:45)

Game: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Doug visiting, Sammy home 


Home (~1:16:00) 

  • Unwritten Rules



Music by The Ghost Notes:

Intro – Hold On

Outro – Never Seems Right


All Break Music by PBR Streetgang

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  • I greatly apologize for the static on my feed, which checks in around 29:00 and goes through ~48:00 into the pod. It was an unexpected and unwelcome technical issue. We will hopefully have this permanently addressed by Ep 91 (it's not the first time it has happened!) Thanks!

    posted by: Doug Thorburn on 2018-04-10 18:16:39

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