A podcast for baseball addicts, by baseball addicts. Everything is on the table: statistics, scouting, mechanics, fantasy, and the nuances of the game that only a true Baseballholic would appreciate.

Baseballholics Anonymous Ep 86: I Want to Burn All My Padres Gear



***The Baseballholics Anonymous Fantasy Auction League has arrived!***

Come join fellow Baseballholics for Year 4 of our annual auction league! 

It's a 5x5 Roto League, swap out AVG, HR, W and Sv for OBP, SLG, QS and SOLD (Sv+Hld).

Auction date and number of teams to be determined (we will shoot for a draft date as close to the season as possible)

To enter, send us an email at baseballholics@gmail.com, with the following items in the body of the email:

1. Review the show on iTunes, then copy+paste your review into the email. It's shameless promotion, we know. (if you have reviewed us already in the past, then please copy+paste the og review)


2. Tell us a BRIEF summary of your Baseballholism, and why you would be a good fit for our baseball addiction group.


We can't wait - who's in?





The Wedding of Sammy


Welcome to the Evolution! 

( @EvoAthletix )



1st Base (~11:00)

  • News (!)

  • Yu
  • JD Mart
  • Padsmer
  • Rays
  • D'backs


2nd Base (~30:00)

  • Extract
  • Sammy: Gregory Polanco
  • Doug: Luke Weaver (~40:00)


3rd Base (~52:30)

Game: Connect 4

Doug visiting, Sammy home 


Home (~1:12:45) 

  • Humidoration Equation



Music by The Ghost Notes:

Intro – Hold On

Outro – Never Seems Right


Break Music by PBR Streetgang

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Baseballholics Anonymous Ep 85: History is Littered with Carcasses


Fly Iggles Fly!


Sammy's the Big Winner!





1st Base (~9:15)

  • News

  • Brew Crew Doing Damage: Yelich and Lo.Cain
  • Mets Get Permission to SIgn Frazier


2nd Base (~26:30)

  • Extract
  • Doug: Blake Snell
  • Sammy: Mike Moustakas (~39:00)


3rd Base (~49:30)

Game: The Wonder Years

Sammy visiting, Doug home 


Home (~1:03:15) 

  • Pitchability
    • Answering reader email, defining an amorphous term



Music by The Ghost Notes:

Intro – Hold On

Outro – Never Seems Right


Break Music by PBR Streetgang

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